IMG_2626Is this tour for you?

Our Kerala MTB tours are designed by mountain bikers for mountain bikers so it is genuine off road riding. We ride our trails because its great mountain biking. The trails are technical in parts so experienced mountain bikers familiar with red and black trails will have loads to get their teeth into. However if you are a recent convert to mountain biking, like a challenge and want to work on your skills we can build up your riding ability as the tour progresses

Tour Start

You need to be in Cochin by 08.30 on the tour start date. We can arrange pre and post tour accommodation if required.



Our Kerala tours use Kochi/Cochin airport for pick up and transfers. Emirates are usually the best with 30kg weight baggage allowance. Many airlines serve this route including Emirates, Qatar, Etihad amongst others. If you are having difficulty getting flights to Cochin  please feel free to contact us for other possible options.


You will need a valid visa for India which must be obtained before departure.


Get in touch with your GP well in advance of your departure for latest information on vaccinations.


Get insured. It is a condition of our trips that you are adequately insured. Policies must cover mountain bike and the potential risks of mountain bike holiday. If your usual insurance doesn’t cover mountain biking then consider specialist coverage such as


As ever make sure your bikes are in tip-top condition before bringing them out, If you are unsure if a part will survive the trip replace or get it serviced by a bike shop. Performance bike parts are hard to obtain in India but we do have small stocks of mechs, disc brake sets etc.

 Bike Set Up

Our trails feature everything you would expect from world class trail riding with some testing, long and at times technical climbing. These are balanced with a mix of fast flowing singletrack and trails with some challenging technical sections, featuring rocks, water crossings and long 1000 meter plus descents therefore we recommend

2.1/2.3 wide profile tyres with thick side walls. We run Maxxis High Roller rear/Minion Front.

Disc Brake

A long travel fork. We run 130mm to 160mm

Bike Kit You Need To Bring

Spokes specific to your bike.

Spare Mech hanger (a must)

2 spare sets of brake pads

2 Tubes


Riding gear

Multi tool


Tyre levers

Camel back with space to store extra cycling layers.

A waterproof in case of showers.

Non-Bike Kit

Head torch

A set of warm clothes for nights spent in mountains

Universal electric plug

Mosquito Repellent


The South Indian climate is at its best from December through till early March with daily sunshine almost guaranteed. Temperatures will be up to 30c during the day while nights maintain a balmy air. Temperatures drop considerably in the mountains with evenings and nights being cool. However there is a chance of rain so we recommend a light waterproof.


South Indian food is a highlight of any trip and will make up the majority of our lunches when we are riding.  In the bigger towns there is also a wide choice of western food and north Indian dishes. If you have any specific dietary requirements let us know.

Vehicle Support

We will have vehicle support wherever possible for the duration of the tour.


ATM’s are available in all our destinations. Visa is the most widely accepted. Cash can be exchanged at the airport Foreign Exchange booths. Food items, snacks, gift items are all inexpensive; expect to pay £2-5 for an evening meal or just over a £1 for an alcoholic drink.

Airport exchange rates are usually very poor so if are exchanging money here then just change small amounts. ATM’s will be accessible at the airport and in our 1st nights destination.

Local Expenses, Kitty and Tips

We normally use a kitty system for mineral water, snacks etc to be collected at the start of the trip. Our local drivers, cooks, cleaners and guides do not expect tips from our Mountain bike Kerala guests but they would greatly appreciate them. Feel free to tip at your discretion if you feel the service has been good.