Tour Info.

IMG_4212Each tour has a specific tour info pack so please check on the tour-info section of each tour to supplement what  we have set out here.

Our Mountain Bike Kerala tours are designed by riders for riders so if it’s its mountain bikers it’s genuine off road riding, whilst our cycle touring trips are there because its great riding. We ride our trips because we love the riding.

Tour Starts

Are all listed in the tour-info section of each tour.  Remember if you wish to add extra nights onto the trip or even explore more of India then we have expert knowledge of almost every place in any guide book of India. From the Taj  Mahal to boat rides in the Ganges Delta we have been there.


Emirates are usually the best with 30kg weight baggage allowance. Many airlines serve the routes including Emirates, Qatar, and Etihad amongst others. If you are having difficulty getting flights into any of our destinations then let us know. Please feel free to contact us for other possible options.


You will need a valid visa for India which must be obtained or applied for before arrival. many countries have been included in the E-Visa scheme so if you are planning a trip for one-month or less this could be the way to go. You will also need a reference in India so contact us for the reference for each tour.

E-Visa A Step-By-Step Guide


Get insured. It is a condition of our trips that you are adequately insured. Policies must cover mountain bike and the potential risks of mountain bike/cycle touring holiday. If your usual insurance doesn’t cover mountain biking then consider specialist coverage such as


Get in touch with your GP well in advance of your departure for latest information on vaccinations.

Bringing your own bike

As ever make sure your bikes are in tip-top condition before bringing them out, If you are unsure if a part will survive the trip replace or get it serviced by a bike shop. Performance bike parts are hard to obtain in India but we do have small stocks of spare parts, rear mechs, disc brake sets etc.

Cycle wear

Best to ride in traditional MTB attire so ride shorts are best for both our MTB trips and cycle touring trips. Exposed lycra cycling britches without shorts will attract a fair bit of attention. Full-length lycra leggings would be o.k and could come in handy on the odd cool morning.

We would also recommend bringing both long sleeve and short sleeve tops, temps can vary day by day but rarely cold, long sleeve tops can come in handy for sunburn prevention.

Bring good quality riding shoes that will last the tour.. We would also recommend shoes that you can also walk on so non-exposed cleats and non-aggressive tread patterns works best; so comfortable for photo stops and the the odd walk out to view points.

Non-bike-kit to bring

Head torch in case of power cuts.

A set of warm clothes for nights spent in mountains

Universal electric plug

Mosquito Repellent

Internationally branded toothpastes, soaps, shampoo, etc are all available in India so if weight is an issue then you can easily buy these items here.

Bike- Kit You Need To Bring

Spokes specific to your bike.

Spare Mech hanger (a must)

2 spare sets of brake pads

2 Tubes


Riding gear

Multi tool


Tyre levers

A waterproof in case of showers.

If you have any doubt on what you need to bring out with you as spares then just let us know.


Indian food is a highlight of any trip and will make up the majority of our lunches when we are riding.  In the bigger towns there is also a wide choice of western food and north Indian dishes. If you have any specific dietary requirements let us know.


ATM’s are available in all our destinations. Visa is the most widely accepted. Cash can be exchanged at the airport Foreign Exchange booths. Food items, snacks, gift items are all inexpensive; expect to pay £3-5 for an evening meal or just over a £1.50 for an alcoholic drink.

Airport exchange rates are usually very poor so if you are exchanging money here then just change small amounts. ATM’s will be accessible at the airport and in our 1st nights destination.

Local Expenses, Kitty and Tips

We use a kitty system for mineral water, snacks etc to be collected at the start of the trip. Our local drivers, cooks, cleaners and guides do not expect tips from our Mountain bike Kerala guests but they would greatly appreciate them. Feel free to tip at your discretion if you feel the service has been good.