img_4162Mountain Bike Kerala Shop

We have great  deals with some of the best bike manufacturers in the world so that’s 20% off  some of the leading brand’s  on all 2017 models. It’s going to take a little time for us to build up the online shop so Mail us now direct so you don’t miss out on the latest offers and prices which include free UK home delivery.

Our shop features just about the the best things  you can buy for any cycle-nut. From gifts for a friend or for someone you really love (yourself). Our in-house designers at Greenfrogindia have got it sorted so look no further than our Mountain Bike Kerala Shop

All our Greenfrogindia upcycled products are made in India. We use only recycled innertubes that have been punctured beyond repair; we are a team of Lancastrians and Indians who have a lot in common when it comes to not throwing things away; so that means a lot of punctures. The non-tube parts of the products are made from reclaimed material and off-cuts while the  zips, velcro and thread we have to buy new, but what we can recycle and reclaim we use.

All other Greenfrogindia products on this site are made in India from technical fabrics designed to do PA103820 copy 2the job.  So our range of MTB shirts, head gear and t-shirts have been used and tested on animals… no, no, no  I mean… pro-riders in the Himalaya and the tropics who have come back to us and said they love them.

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