IMG_5144A warm mountain biker’s welcome to you all. We look forward to riding with you on one of our upcoming tours. Our Singalila Ridge Tour trails feature everything you would expect from world-class mountain biking, loads of grin factor fast flowing singletrack, massive climbs and even bigger descents, technical sections, drop offs and rock gardens all set amongst breathtaking Himalayan scenery.


Our MTB tours are designed by mountain bikers for mountain bikers so it is genuine trail riding. The riding will be tough with some carrying. Distances are rarely over 50 km a day but as we get to altitude; above 2500 meters; things get tougher and fitness plays an even greater part.  The trails are technical in parts so experienced mountain bikers familiar with red and black trails will have loads to get their teeth into. However, if you have a more intermediate mountain biking experience, like a challenge and want to work on your skills we can build up your riding ability as the tour progresses


Our Singalila Ridge tours use Kolkotta/Calcutta airport for pick up and transfers. Emirates are usually the best with 30kg weight baggage allowance.


You will need a valid visa for India. Check the latest status for India Visa in your country of origin. 


Get in touch with your GP well in advance of your departure for the latest information on vaccinations etc


Get insured. It is a condition of our trips that you are adequately insured. Policies must cover mountain bike and the potential risks of a mountain bike holiday. If your usual insurance doesn’t cover mountain biking then consider specialist coverage such as


All nights in the major towns like Kurseong, Darjeeling etc are in outstanding mid-range hotels and guesthouses. For nights spent on the Singalila Ridge, excellent teahouse accommodation is available with rooms simple yet clean and cosy having attached western toilet and hot water available in a bucket system. However, on some occasions, guests may be required to share a common toilet or washroom. All rooms are available on a single or double basis.


There is a wide and excellent choice of western and Indian dishes available in all the larger towns. Meals in the trekking huts/tea houses are excellent using whatever local produce is available that day so expect vegetable curries, rice, chapatti with occasional meat dishes.


We will have vehicle support on the majority of the tour those who have had enough of the climbs can recover in the vehicles. The backup vehicles will carry all sleeping bags, evening clothes, rucksacks etc so you only need to carry your daypack. We will have porters and donkey caravans to transport your equipment in the more remote areas.


Days should be clear and sunny, near 20C; night times will be cool to cold with temperatures dropping to 3C and below. So bring those extra warm clothes.


Your bags need to be of the soft pack variety i.e. rucksack or sports bag to allow them to be easily carried by porters, donkeys etc. No hard cases, please. Your bike bags/boxes will not be travelling with us on the 5 days spent on the Singalila Ridge.


Warm evening clothes, Camel backs/hydration packs should be of a large size to provide storage space for unneeded and extra clothing as temperatures can vary dramatically through the day. You will also need to bring.

Head Torch

Universal electric plug

Good quality sleeping bag. It can get below freezing at night.

Extra batteries for cameras etc. Not all villages have electric.

Travel towel


We recommend 140-160 AM bikes for this trip so light enough to climb with enough bike to eat up the descents.


Contact us for the availability of Nukeproof Mega AM bikes for this trip


Spokes specific to your bike.

Spare Mech hanger (a must)

2 spare sets of brake pads

2 Tubes


Riding Gear



Tyre Levers

Camel back with space to store extra cycling layers.

Riding shoes that you can also walk on so non-exposed cleats andnon-aggressivee tread patterns works best.


ATM’s are available in all our destinations. Visa is the most widely accepted. Cash and Travellers Cheques can be exchanged at the airport Foreign Exchange booths. Food items, snacks, gift items are all inexpensive; expect to pay £2-5 for an evening meal or just over a £1 for an alcoholic drink.


We normally use a kitty system for mineral water, snacks etc to be collected at the start of the trip. Our local drivers, cooks, cleaners etc do not expect tips from our Mountain bike Kerala guests but they would greatly appreciate them. Our guides do not expect tips but feel free to tip at your discretion if you feel the service has been good.