Pindari Glacier Tour.



Himalayan Singletrack Itinerary


We  have a few spots left on our and September 2015 and May 2016  tours with even more riding and even bigger descents, so contact us now to join us on trails that just have to be ridden to be believed.

Heading high into the Indian Himalaya this breathtaking tour takes in mile after mile of singletrack as it runs through glacial valleys and over rocky passes bringing you up and close to the Himalaya reaching its zenith at the extraordinary snow bound setting of the Pindari Glacier. The tour takes us on some of the most challenging and scenic trails on earth. This is mountain biking for those who truly love the mountains.

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DAY 1: Arrive Delhi. Hotel day accommodation provided. Day A.C train to Khatgodam. Short transfer Nainital for overnight luxury lakeside stay.

DAY 2:  Nainital: Kilbury and Bowaligaon trails Climb China Peak to ride outstanding forest trails. Overnight Nainital.

DAY 3: Nainital- Ratighat.  Epic day in the saddle features 2000 meters vert of stunning valley descending along the Noflyzone trail to Ratighat. Overnight at Kasar Devi for knockout Himalayan views.

DAY 4: Almora-Patlabaga. Mind blowing forest singletrack as we head to the famed Himalayan views of Khausani. Overnight Khausani.

DAY 5: Khausani: Bajnath Super D Uplift. No climbing day as we ride the  Bajnath Temple Super D, 8km trail of magic singletrack. Uplift day so ride as many as you can. Overnight Khausani

DAY 6: Khausani–Bageshwar. A forest track descent leads us to Someshwar before we climb steadily to the Garri China Pass. From the Garri China Pass it’s an incredible 1400-meter technical singletrack descent to the sacred temple town of Bageshwar. Epic riding.

DAY 7: Bageshwar-Khatti. We start with a tough climb from Song to Loharkhet before swapping cycles for trekking shoes as we climb up over 3000m to the Dhakauri Pass. From Dhakauri we descend over 800 meters of technical vert down to the Pindari valley before traversing singletrack to our overnight stop at the remote village of Khatti.

DAY 8: Khatti-Phukiya. A huge day in the saddle as we follow the outrageously beautiful Pindari Valley as we climb steadily on singletrack into the heart of the Himalaya. We stay in trekking huts at Phukiya. The last rest point before the glacier.

DAY 9: Phukiya-Pindari-Khatti. The scenery is simply otherworldly as we ride to zero point for a view of the Glacier. We retrace our tire tracks and enjoy what must be the most astonishing descent anywhere on earth. It is that good. Overnight Khatti.

DAY 10: Khatti Rest Day. Rest those weary legs in the idyllic village of Khatti or trek to the unrivalled Himalayan viewpoint of Pangot Top. Overnight stay Khatti.

DAY 11: Khatti-Bageshwar. The trails just keep flowing as we traverse above the valley to Kharmi Top with Himalayan views our constant companion.  Its tough technical descending all the way to the valley bottom before we join the main track back towards Bageshwar. Overnight Khausani

DAY 12: Nanital: Snow View Tech.  Himalayan riding at its best with the dropping downhill of Snow View Tech. 1300 meter of singletrack vert.  Overnight Nainital.

DAY 13: Nainital-Kaladunghi. We climb China Peak then its 2000m descending on outrageous trails to Kaladunghi forest and the Gagentic plain. Overnight at Jungle Resort Kaladunghi.

DAY 14:  A.C Train Ride back to Delhi. Meal in top Delhi restaurant. Overnight Delhi

DAY 15:  Delhi. Transfer to airport for return flight home.

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Pindari Glacier 2015/16 Tour Dates

Sept 27th 2015:     14 Day £1095

May 15th 2016:      14 Day £1095

Sept 25th 2016:     14 Day £1095

Uttarakhand Singletrack  2015/16 Tour Dates

October 5th 2015:  10 Day £880

We have availability on 3-10 day tours on selected dates from March- May 2016  and from September- November 2016  so contact us now for details.